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Access Control



We have a number of access control systems and solutions, from the cost effective “Compact Keypads” & “C2 Proximity” systems to the P4 “Stand Alone & Online” professional access control systems. The latter these include “Interlocking” that can be integrated with our “Interlock” systems.

We also offer a wide range of readers and keypads. The identification devices can be for one, two or three factor authentication.

Whether you’re just looking to control access to a single door, or host of doors across many sites, an access control system will give peace of mind and a justified sense of security to any environment.

Access control provides security 24 hours of the day. Doors will automatically re-lock after each use. Doors will only open to the people or groups of people authorized to do so.

All activity can be recorded with a time stamp. This adds accountability to people’s movement with the spin off benefit of attendance, time and muster roll call reporting.