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Building Fabric Maintenance


Building fabric maintenance has traditionally been treated as a reactive task, leading to deterioration of the fabric and subsequent reduction in the asset value as well as impacting on the quality of the user experience for visitors and staff which can damage the image of the organization. Higher costs to replace fabric assets with increased frequency due to lack of maintenance, mean more building owners are looking to move away from a reactive fabric maintenance model to a planned model which protects and maintains the values of their key building assets.

The planned maintenance requirements for external assets are generally defined based on the construction and location of the building, and once configured within the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule, are unlikely to change. However, this is not the case for internal assets. The planned maintenance requirements of internal assets vary considerably from each other and can also change significantly depending on building type, building usage and the budgetary constraints of the client. Our approach defines a bespoke, agreed accommodation standard to ensure total flexibility for each client to suit their requirements.